I could not ask for more. @moseslovespopcorn

My legs are so kawawa. :( Post nyo ang sa inyo ladies!!! Waa. #StampingPaMore @mommyandz @iloveleapaola

Late dinner with my loves @moseslovespopcorn (at Orbits pizza place)

Floral for Sunday duty. #ootd (at Lima Park Hotel)

Lalaki daw kaming dalawa kaka-milk tea sabi ng Tita Cleng. Hahaha. #GongCha

Cute flower origami from Ms. Tracy. Sweet! :) @mctwacy

NO DOUBT. Watched this yesterday and still can’t get over it. Every scene was intense!! I’m not trying to be an endorser here or whatsoever, but it’s really a must-watch! Excited for the next series!! #TheMazeRunner

Hello love. Do you know how I love every single thing about you?

I love how you can be so huggable that I can’t get enough of you. I love your kakulitan that even if sometimes it’s too much na, I’d always end up laughing so hard - it’s like I don’t have the choice. I love your voice, it has become my favorite sound. The way you tell me I’m beautiful and that you love me. I love your eyes that silently speaks to me and tell me I’m with the right person. In you I have found everything I need. I love you baby. Missing you always.

I had to color them cause the two mother nails are dying and their color are really disgusting that I can’t even wear my favorite sandals. Poor nails :(

Epic half-half. Haha. @ellaineolarte

Here’s what I’m enjoying right now. Cute watermelon sweets!

Hahaha. Baby you’re so kagigil :)) @moseslovespopcorn

It’s toffee caramel with ms. @mctwacy today (at Gong Cha SM City Lipa)

Puro aral ang kapatid ko, ako puro selfie sa phone nya. Hahaha @ellaineolarte

Pink Bow Tie