Oven-fresh belgian chocolate kariman and coffee for breakfast. Good morning! (at Olarte’s Residence, Marauoy, Lipa City)

Thank you for sharing your blessings with me Ms. @tracyquiambao hihi :) saved my lunch. #dates #galaxy (at Lima Park Hotel)

Sshhh. Someone’s still asleep. :)))

Once upon a time .. Haha. Yes, it’s how it all started. :”) #WeChatDays #tbt

Creampuffs. But my cravings had decreased. -.- #Dulcissima

#Strength #Thanksgiving #Success (at St. John Evangelist Church)

Naiinggit ako, National Siblings Day daw today kase. Hehe. I love you @ellaineolarte ;)

I love you once, I love you twice, I love you thrice, magpakailan pa man. ;)

A Paddle Pop rainbow sounds very good right now. :( #summercravings #favorite

Ang hirap ipilit ng biloy kong ito. Bakeet momma? Hahaha.

Maybe it’s being together almost everyday that makes us feel like it’s been 5 years already. Haha :) But seriously, time goes so slow. Naah. #5th #040714

Moses met Eloisa. And they will live happily ever after.

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Melvir & Leah wedding reception happening now at Lima Park Pavilion. #LPH #weddingsatLPH (at Lima Park Pavilion)

Pink Bow Tie